Baby Steps


The view out of the back of our cabin

I wasn’t sure if I was going to post a blog today. I assumed that today would essentially be a repeat of yesterday plus or minus a couple of minor things. To be fair there was nothing new. Breakfast around 830am which was tough getting up about 730/745 as I went to bed really late. A combination of late night screen watching (writing the blog), not being able to switch off because of thinking about the session, plus the snoring roomies led to me nodding off about 1am which is about 3 hours later than I would want. Video session from 930am and then off to the track for a track walk. We did actually add some small pieces of information during this track walk. Most of us took some hits during the labyrinth section (corner 7, 8 and 9) so we were told to apply a shoulder press during these corners to help stay on track and (hopefully) avoid hitting corners, with a better set up into corner 10. That was mostly it, minor add-ons to what we learnt yesterday. Plus the fact that we were going to start our second and third runs from the junior Luge start which is about 20/25m further up the track. Which means a greater speed further down – yay. Came back from the track walk which, by the way, had some stunning views with the sunrise and light snow falling. It genuinely looked like someone had dropped glitter from the sky the way the sun sparkled off the light snowfall. It was so christmassy. So, got back, checked the sled and watched the videos taken from yesterdays session. We prepared our kit for the session and went to lunch.


It gets to the early afternoon, around 1pm, and we pack up the van with the sleds and bags. Off to the track and we get our start order for the session. Put the rock in the sled, started visualisation runs and then warmed up. Today was different, everyone was more willing to talk and have a giggle when getting changed and preparing. Obviously we had moments where we had to drift off to focus but there was no quietness. A nice relaxed atmosphere. I was feeling chilled out too, and I knew what to expect regarding the speed and pressures so all I had to do was add another piece to the puzzle. As my turn came sooner I started to get the pre-race nerves, so to speak. Off I went and the run was the same through 4, 5 and 6. I came out of 7 and yesterday at this point I took a hit, which I missed this time, but hit 8 badly which lined me up poorly for 9 and this continued out of 9 into 10. It really is a snowball affect this sport, something at the top greatly affects the rest of the run, not just the following corner. So 7, 8, 9 was not too great. Dealt with 10 and 11 fine and 12 seemed okay but I came late into 13 so I shot up the wall and got a nice high and low oscillation which repeated on the second one too. Due to this I came out of 13 and smashed into the left hand wall, bumped straight off and into the right hand side and side skidded through onto 14. Something I had not done yesterday, so this was new information to me. Fifteen and sixteen were both blurs, as per. Rough ride that was. No time to think though, back up to the top for the second run. Started from the junior Luge start this time and off I went again. Four, five and six went well then boom, caught 7, 8 and 9 sweet with my steers and lined up perfectly for 10. What a great feeling. I actually adapted and did something and improved! The rest of the run was similar to the first, and upon the video review we had later in the evening I seemed to hit 12 okay and deal with the first oscillation of 13 fine, but I cannot deal with the second yet – we have not been taught how to cope with it – so another big hit into the left and right walls again. So smooth. Run three was essentially the same. It was a big learning curve today and we have to be patient. You cannot throw a ton of information to newbies and expect to retain it all. You try it with small bits of information, experience, learn, add, experience, learn add and so on.

Session finished. Pitch black sky. Back to the hotel for video review. Again it was nice to see how others were doing to learn from their gains and mistakes, and compare yourself. We are all doing similar things which keeps you grounded and reassures you that you are not doing so bad. We keep getting caught up with corners that have little significance at the moment, yet the coaches pull us back and focus our attention on what they are looking for and how we can learn and adapt for next time. Like I have said before, step-by-step. And I like this. I want to improve, and therefore I am sucked in, listening intently on the track walks and review sessions.

Ice bath followed (it was -11 this morning and about -10 during the ice bath), and the chunks of ice were big enough to sink the titanic. Shared the ice bath with Craig, one of my roommates, then continued into the shower together where we cried like girls until we were warm again. Dinner. Supermarket. Blog writing. Bed.

Up at 630am tomorrow so I have the intention of being in bed by 10pm (14mins away as I type!).

Ser deg senere 🙂

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