Not too much to report today, so a relatively short blog. Big lie in today due to a rest day. Got up around 915 to shower and have breakfast (which included this awesome chocolate milk straw thing), then we went into Lillehammer for a couple of hours for a change of scenery and a little look around. Not a huge place and not loads to see but it was nice to roam.

The temperature has picked up over the last couple of days and where the ice melted and froze once again it made for a slippery experience all over the place. Naturally this caused entertainment as we all watched each other’s lower limbs fly out of control at different moments. Luckily we all remained on our feet, however Marcus and his huge quads somehow managed to rip his jeans around the thigh area (what?). Picture below.

Managed to locate a nice cafe that served the most lush hot chocolate and pancake combos (which was a bit sickly sweet – we have barely had anything other than savoury food whilst here), but I loved it nonetheless. With the Norweigan high prices in place, this lunch date cost me about £12!

We came back from Lillehammer to have lunch, once we could face eating more food. Then time to head to the games room which we hadn’t discovered yet because of our busy schedules. PS2 + TV time + fussball table entertained everyone for a few hours. Some relaxing in the cabin afterward that also included watching one of our ice coaches, Patrick, at the Vancouver Winter Olympic Games in 2010. He hit 143kmh on that track (89mph). Outrageous!

Dinner at 630pm. Sled workshop just after, where I got a masterclass in taping from Patrick. My sled looks beaut now and is ready to go for our double session tomorrow. Early night tonight to ensure I get some good rest ahead of this beast of a day. First day doing two sessions, so I need to be prepared physically.

Time to nod off. Goodnight!

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