A very social and easy-going individual with many interests to share, too many to cover in one go, but ones that mostly revolve around exploring places, sport, technology and food. I have the best family, a beautiful girlfriend and a handful of truly great friends around me too. I always click well with and enjoy meeting new people, and I’d like to think I am a great listener!

I’ve always been active in sport and enjoy undertaking physical challenges, exposing myself to multiple sports since around seven. Since my mid-teens I have always wanted to represent my country and compete at the Olympic Games; I even entered a ‘last-ditch’ attempt at Skeleton in 2014 [aged 25]. I often feel like I missed a number of opportunities to compete in high performance sport but I still seek that buzz, and being involved in it now (working as a sports analyst) means I can retain that excitement and competitiveness through my profession, which is nice. My greater physical pursuits of late include cycling in the Himalayas in 2016, raising over £10,000 for a local school in India which was such a fantastic experience for so many reasons; and I completed the Trailwalker 100km hike on the South Downs in 2017 (22hrs 51min 13sec). I love it, and these adventures give me a thirst for more!

I’m fascinated by culture and I’m always excited by travelling to and exploring new places – sitting pretty at thirty countries across four continents, which I think is pretty good. I love all sorts of foods (except mushrooms and raw tomato – yuk), and I really enjoy cooking plus the odd bit of baking. Eating out is a favourite past time, particularly if it involves pizza, or meat, especially burgers. I often keep lists of burger restaurants to go to in London, with Five Guys and Honest Burger still at the top of my personal ranking list.

I love being creative photography and I really like to explore ways to capture videos – when I find the time – and you can probably learn a little more about my exploits and interests through my instagram and in the future, YouTube. I am also a fan of documentaries and a good Netflix binge! For a summary though that’s me, in a relatively brief 386 words.

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